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Release 1.16.0

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# Cemu detailed changelog for 1.16.0d
# Patreon release date: 2019-12-13
# Public release date:  2019-12-20

# New in 1.16.0d:

general: Enabled auto-updater again

Vulkan: Always force full sync at GX2DrawDone() (accurate emulation of Wii U behavior)

# New in 1.16.0c (public release):

general: Fixed memory searcher tool not being enabled in the menu after launching a game

gfxPack: rules.txt can now specify a filter to selectively apply the whole graphic pack only for a specific vendor (vendorFilter=<amd/intel/mesa/nvidia>) or renderer (rendererFilter=<opengl/vulkan>)

OpenGL/Vulkan: Fixed channel order for R5G5B5A1 textures (fixes colors of Luigi sprites in Super Mario 3D World)

Vulkan: Fixed a bug that could cause polygon explosions under rare circumstances

# New in 1.16.0b:

Vulkan: Fixed transform feedback on Nvidia GPUs

# New in 1.16.0:

general: Added Vulkan renderer

general: Updated shader cache
         - The file name now uses the game's titleId instead of the internal RPX hash
         - Added zlib compression to reduce cache file size
         - Cross compatible and shared between OpenGL/Vulkan
         - Remains backwards compatible with pre-1.16.0 caches
         - Vulkan has an additional vendor-specific cache for Vulkan pipelines. The cache is stored at shaderCache/driver/vk/
           Be aware that an incomplete pipeline cache introduces stuttering despite already having a full shader cache
gfxPack: Introduced graphic packs version 4
         Adds shader replacement support for Vulkan
         Any pack that has not been updated for version 4 will show up with the indicator "may not be compatible with Vulkan"
         Existing version 3 packs *may* still work with Vulkan, enable them at your own risk

general: Gamelist now loads icons asynchronously
general: Added a migration assistent that will detect if DLC is installed at the legacy locations (used by Cemu 1.15.10 and earlier) and ask to move it to the correct folder
general: The graphic pack window will automatically filter for the currently running game
general: Fixed a bug where crashlogs would be omitted from log.txt because Cemu closed before the asynchronous log writer finished
general: Fixed 'dump WUD filesystem' option not dumping any files

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