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Release 1.18.2

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# Cemu detailed changelog for 1.18.2c
# Patreon release date: 2020-04-24
# Public release date:  2020-05-01

# New in 1.18.2c:

Vulkan: Fixed a bug in the new cache which could lead to Cemu freezing or crashing randomly

# New in 1.18.2b:

Vulkan: The SPIR-V optimization pass is now always enabled (no longer considered experimental)

Vulkan: Added SPIR-V cache to speed up shader loading screen on subsequent runs

Vulkan: Fixed an issue where the wrong image layout (LAYOUT_UNDEFINED) would be provided for operations on 3D textures
        On strict or optimized drivers this could lead to texture data being thrown away (as far as we know, only Nvidia 445.75+ drivers are affected)

# New in 1.18.2:

general: When updating graphic packs Cemu will let the user know if previously enabled graphic packs were removed or renamed
general: Improved robustness of account.dat parser (invalid files could crash Cemu on launch)
general: Updated language files

coreinit: Added API MEMFreeToFrmHeap (#322)
          Used by Marvel Avengers: Battle for Earth 
nn_nfp: Changed behavior of GetNfpRegisterInfo for unregistered Amiibos
        Games that expect Amiibos with a registered owner no longer should display an empty ErrEula message box 
nn_nfp: Implemented API GetErrorCode and NFCGetTagInfo

Vulkan: Correctly emulate depth clamping
        This fixes the overly bright backgrounds in some stages of Super Smash Bros for Wii U

Vulkan: Added an overlay notification for when a Vulkan graphics pipeline has to be compiled

Vulkan: Added experimental SPIR-V optimization pass which is applied to all shaders that are compiled during the shader loading screen
        This should reduce pipeline compilation stutter if a shader cache is present. It may also reduce GPU load slightly
        The downside is that the shader loading screen is much slower. But we plan to address this in a future Cemu update        
        By default this option is disabled. It can be enabled under Debug -> Experimental
        Also note that this option results in different shaders being generated and consequently triggers new pipeline compilation

input: Remember ip and port for DSU client

(#xx) refers to bug tracker issues resolved by this change. See

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