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Release 1.19.1

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# Cemu detailed changelog for 1.19.1b
# Patreon release date: 2020-05-22
# Public release date:  2020-05-29

# New in 1.19.1b:

general: Updated language files
general: Improved robustness of title manager and made some minor tweaks

Vulkan/OpenGL: Fixed an issue where the border color of a texture sampler would be read from the wrong shader stage
               This fixes vegation LoD in Breath of the Wild
               Note that on Vulkan the graphics driver must support VK_EXT_custom_border_color or Cemu cannot emulate border color correctly

sndcore2: Fixed some bugs in multi-voice API. Games that utilize it should now play sound correctly (e.g. Terraria, Axiom Verge)

# New in 1.19.1:

general: Added title manager
         Can be found in the menu under tools
         Lists all base games, updates, DLCs and saves games
         Includes titles from both the game list and the mlc folder
         Use right-click context menu to manage titles
         Titles which are installed at the wrong location will be highlighted in red (tooltip has details, right-click to attempt to fix it)
         More features are planned!

general: Updated language files
general: Cemu now verifies if it has write access to it's own folder
general: UI cleanup and tweaks (moved overlay settings to a separate tab, fixed checkbox labels to be compatible with screen readers)

sndcore2: Implemented AXSetMultiVoice* API

Vulkan: Reworked index cache to avoid a potential data corruption
        Fixes random polygon explosions that could happen in any game

Download Cemu 1.19.1
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