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Release 1.19.2

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# Cemu detailed changelog for 1.19.2c
# Patreon release date: 2020-06-05
# Public release date:  2020-06-12

# New in 1.19.2c:

general/NEX: Fixed a bug in the friend service implementation that could lead to the connection being dropped on large packets

GX2: Implemented GX2GetLastFrameGammaA(), GX2GetLastFrameGammaB()
     This prevents a crash in the friend list application

# New in 1.19.2b:

general: Tweaked some UI text in the title manager

OpenGL/Vulkan: Resolved a problem where GX2DrawDone() would not wait for texture readbacks under rare circumstances
               This fixes the picto box mechanics in Wind Waker HD (requires 'Extended texture readback' to be enabled in the game profile)

GX2: GX2GetLastFrame() now always returns a valid frame since some games expect this behavior
     This change allows Game & Wario to progress further

# New in 1.19.2:

general: Added region column to gamelist
general: Added new features to the title manager:
         Button for installing titles (same as the menu entry file -> install)
         Save games can be deleted for individual accounts
         Save games can be transferred from one account to another         

general: Base games can now be installed into mlc01 the same way updates and DLC can be installed
         The original game folder can be deleted after installation
general: The game list will always search mlc01 for installed titles
general: Some background operations will no longer freeze the UI (checking for updates, deleting or fixing titles via the title manager)

OpenGL/Vulkan: Added a safeguard to prevent infinite loops in shaders
               This should improve stability in New Super Mario Bros U / New Super Luigi U

Vulkan: Shaders that fail to compile should no longer cause a crash

AX: Improved robustness of the emulated audio driver
    This should fix the rare audio corruptions that could happen in several games (e.g. Color Splash)

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