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Release 1.22.5

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# Cemu detailed changelog for 1.22.5d
# Patreon release date: 2021-01-22
# Public release date:  2021-01-29

# New in 1.22.5d:

coreinit: Fixed a random crash that can occur during PPC callbacks (all games potentially affected)

For graphic pack authors:

gfxPacks: Added a new filter option 'inMEM1' for texture rules
          If true, then filter any textures that are outside MEM1 region (0xF4000000 - 0xF6000000)
          If false, then filter any textures inside MEM1 region. If omitted, then no memory region filtering is applied          
          This can be useful as a way to differentiate dynamic framebuffers from static images, since games usually only put framebuffers into
          the faster but small MEM1 memory region

# New in 1.22.5c:

internal: Reverted to an older version of std::filesystem due to encountering unexpected side-effects after updating it for .5b public release

# New in 1.22.5b:

GX2: Fixed a regression which was introduced by the texture readback optimization

# New in 1.22.5:

coreinit: Filesystem operations on directories (mainly iterating files) are now done asynchronously and will no longer stall the CPU thread
          This is part of an ongoing rework to remove all potential stalls from the main CPU emulation thread since some games do not handle micro stutters well

coreinit: Prefer Cemu's erreula implementation over the one shipped with the game
          Unlike the native implementation ours doesn't require dumped system files,
          and thus affected games (e.g. Epic Mickey 2) can be played without a full system dump

nn_save: Implemented SAVERename()
         Used by Angry Birds Triology, fixes a softlock at the title screen

GX2: Fixed a length mismatch when processing IT_SET_LOOP_CONST PM4 commands
     This resolves softlocks in Paper Mario Color Splash

GX2: Optimized texture readback
     Improves performance in BotW since it heavily relies on texture readback.
     Also fixes a performance regression introduced in Cemu 1.21.3 (#459)

GX2: Fixed a bug in the texture decoder for micro-tiled mip slices
     This fixes corrupted textures in Xenoblade Chronicles X and possibly other games

GX2: Optimized GX2WaitTimeStamp() to no longer use busy looping
     This fixes Nano Assault Neo softlocking on boot due to starving lower priority CPU threads

nn_olv: Stubbed UploadPostDataByPostApp()
        This avoids a softlock in Wind Waker HD when accessing the tingle bottle feature

(#xx) refers to resolved bug tracker issues. See

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