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Release 1.23.0

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# Cemu detailed changelog for 1.23.0c
# Patreon release date: 2021-05-28
# Public release date:  2021-06-04

# New in 1.23.0c:

general: The game list will now automatically detect demos and system titles installed to MLC
         It will also detect demos stored in game paths

general: Improvements to the download manager
         - Fixed system titles getting installed to usr/title/ instead of sys/title/
         - Fixed a bug where multiple updates would be displayed for a single title
         - Installed updates are no longer always hidden and instead there is now a checkbox to hide installed entries
         - Fixed a bug where content files with unusual size would fail to verify and cause the download to get stuck (e.g. Nintendo Land update)
         - The game list should now update after installing any title or update
# New in 1.23.0b:

general: Improved robustness of download manager and fixed a few bugs that could occur during the installation step

# New in 1.23.0:

general: It is now possible to download purchased Wii U eShop games, system titles and updates via our new Download Manager!
         Like other online functionality, it requires dumped online files from a Wii U
         You can access the new Download Manager window under Tools -> Download Manager
         Currently supported features:
           - Downloading purchased eShop games and demos (owned games will be shared between your Wii U and Cemu)
           - Buying games on eShop using the eShop Wii U application and downloading them via Cemu's interface. No game dumping required
           - Downloading the latest updates for your owned titles
           - Downloading some system titles (Friend list, eShop)

         Note that DLC downloading is not yet supported but will be added very soon.

general: New FST reader (FST is the filesystem used for WUD, WUX and .app files)
         Internal support for NUS content (.app) which ties into the Download Manager
         Much higher read throughput than the previous implementation, may boost loading times on 
         lower end CPUs where FST processing sometimes became be a bottleneck
coreinit: Fixed thread cancelling not working correctly
          This resolves an issue where browser based applications would softlock when trying to load any page

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