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Release 1.3.1

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Added support for fullscreen mode
Added support for launching games via command line parameter.
Fixed a crash that could occur when unplugging a controller.

coreinit: Implemented more API functions.
coreinit: Added limited support for TLS (specifically __tls_get_addr)
coreinit: Changed behavior of OSExitThread and OSRunThread to match real implementation more closely

zlib: Added zlib.rpl API for crc32(), inflateReset2(), compress() and uncompress()

nn_aoc: Added ListTitle API for checking addon content (for now we always return 0 titles)

FS: Improved large parts of the existing FS code, fixing a few bugs and getting rid of some limitations on the way.
    Previously the filesystem code was not very well organized, for 1.3.1 we have now established a layered architecture: FS (coreinit API) -> FSA (coreinit driver) -> FSC (cemu fs abstraction layer) -> Virtual device code (This is the low-level code for raw file operations. Examples: WUD/FST handler, Windows File API)
    The advantage of this new layered design is that we can implement FS and FSA code almost 1:1 as on the real console for maximum accuracy.
FS: Cemu can now run .rpx files and at the same time also mount the /content/ directory making it possible to run extracted/dumped games. 
FS: Implemented support for iteration of save directories. This fixes an issue where save files where not being properly detected.
FS: All FSRead* and FSWrite* functions now correctly return the amount of members successfully transferred. (previously returned raw amount of bytes instead)

GX2: Added support for GX2Context API and state shadowing.
GX2: Added support for 1D textures.
GX2: Improved support for using 2D slices of cubemaps, array and 3d textures as render targets.
GX2: Fixed a bug that occurred when decoding certain textures. (Known as 'creepy eyes bug')
GX2: Fixed a bug in shader SUB_INT instruction.
GX2: Implemented CPU-side data copy for GX2CopySurface
GX2: Improved code to handle pixel shader imports making it more robust when semantic mapping is not setup correctly. Also now properly detects and handles the usage of gl_FragCoord inside the pixel shader.
GX2: Fixed code that handles GX2_PRIMITIVE_RECTS when only 3 vertices are supplied.
GX2: gl_FragCoord origin is now correctly set to upper_left instead of bottom_left.
GX2: Implemented API GX2InitDepthStencilControlReg, GX2InitScissorReg, GX2SetScissorReg, GX2InitViewportReg, GX2SetViewportReg

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