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Release 1.3.2

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--- New in public build ---

General: Fixed a bug where launching a .rpx would lead to crashes. (Due to failing to locate and load associated .rpl files properly)
PPC: Very minor stability improvements in multi-core mode

--- Changelog of Patreon build ---

PPC: Added experimental multi-core support for CPU emulation.
	 In single-core mode there is one dedicated CPU thread for all three virtual PPC cores. This works by cycling through the cores.
	 Whenever a thread finishes it's timeslice or if no thread is available on the current core, the next core is selected.
	 In multi-core mode there are three dedicated CPU threads, one for each virtual PPC core. If a core has nothing to do, it will pause execution.
	 During our tests we found that multi-core mode actually seems to decrease performance for some games which is presumably caused by timing issues and/or memory stalls. We are still investigating.
GX2: Added support for binding a 2D slice of multi-slice texture (3D texture, cubemap, 2D texture array) to a sampler2D.
GX2: Fixed wrong sampler assignment to textures
GX2: Added support for Polygon offset (front face only for now; GPU7 has advanced polygon control options that don't really exist on OpenGL/DirectX, which means we have to find some workaround.)
GX2: Implemented API GX2SetPolygonOffset
GX2: Added support for shader TEX_LD instruction (known as texelFetch() in GLSL). Support is limited to 2D surfaces.
GX2: Fixed a slowdown that could occur when large textures are copied via GX2CopySurface
GX2: Added support for static texture border color
GX2: Implemented GX2SetVertexSampler
GX2: Fixed endianness when decoding R32_FLOAT textures.
GX2: Added partitial support for Occlusion query (CPU readback supported, GPU conditional rendering not yet)

DEBUG: Added debug option to view active PPC threads

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