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Release 1.3.3

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--- New in public build ---

GX2: Fixed a bug where textures were sometimes wrongly decoded due to invalid bank/pipe swizzle values.

--- Changelog of Patreon build ---

general: Can now hold TAB to show GamePad screen (Note: We will add customizable methods to display the GamePad screen in a future release) 

swkbd: Added preliminary support for Software Keyboard (only alphanumeric input is allowed for now, unicode support is still being worked on)

coreinit: Added implementation for some functions of the block heap API
         (New API: MEMInitBlockHeap, MEMAddBlockHeapTracking, MEMGetTrackingLeftInBlockHeap, MEMAllocFromBlockHeapEx)
coreinit: Fixed a bug where PPC thread priority would sometimes not update correctly

save: Fixed a crash that could happen in SAVEOpenDir()

vpad: Improved implementation of VPADRead() fixing an issue where games incorrectly detected touch on/off.
vpad: Fixed touch offset calculation in fullscreen mode

GX2: Added initial support for Streamout
                Streamout is also known as 'Transform Feedback' in OpenGL. 
                This is a rather complex feature and our implementation is far from complete. More improvements to Streamout will come in later CEMU releases.
                In order to correctly replicate the low latency between CPU<->GPU enabled by the unified memory model of the Wii U we have to emulate Streamout shaders on the CPU rather
                than using OpenGL's transform feedback. Despite this we expect that there is no performance penalty.
GX2: Implemented GX2RCreateSurface API
GX2: Proper support for texture format R32_G32_B32_A32_FLOAT and R32_G32_B32_A32_UINT
GX2: Fixed a crash in GX2CopySurface which could occur when the caller supplied a wrong surface->pitch value.
GX2: GX2CopySurface can now copy dynamically created textures that only reside in the GPU texture cache.

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