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Release 2.0

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Cemu 2.0

Cemu 2.0 is from 24 august 2022 be an open-source project. Cemu's official GitHub

Because Cemu is open-source and if people are interested and know C/C++ they can help.

Even if you are not that good, all help will ease the workload and make it possible to add convenience features like a stop/restart emulation. Are you more skilled in C/C++ you can help with making OpenGL could be made more compatible with older hardware that would otherwise be performant enough to run many Wii U games. Or it can be to just clean up legacy C code that is still there from the early days of Cemu.

For C/C++ developers who want to contribute:

Suppose you are interested in contributing or just want to ask questions about Cemu's codebase. In that case, you can come and visit our discord where we have created a channel for developer discussion. Discord isn't everyone's thing, so we are also looking into setting up an IRC bridge in the future.

It will have a more straightforward update system so it will now be 2.0 instead of 2.0.0 from now on it will be 2.1, 2.2, etc. Also if you want to download it you need to go to the Reddit page and do it there. If you want to know what is fixed in 2.0 go to [Cemu changelog].

These are all the critical points if you what to read the original announcement it is on reddit