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Welcome to the Cemu Wiki
Official knowledge base for the Cemu Emulator
Statistics: There are 1,236 articles, 2,722 users and 562 files.
The current date is September 29, 2022

Cemu, the Nintendo Wii U Console Emulator
Cemu is experimental software which can emulate Wii U games on PC.
It is still in development.

Official Website:
[ Release Changelog ]
If you want to get access to the latest builds one week before
public launch, consider donating to the developers via Patreon.

Support Cemu's Development

Cemu Patreon
You'll get exclusive access to the Patron-only build.
New builds release publicly for free after 7 days.


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  • Create missing game pages using the given templates.
  • Send in your game test results at > [Submit Result]
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New Pages
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