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Rayman Legends

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Raymand Legends
Developer(s) Ubisoft Montpellier
Publisher(s) Ubisoft
Release date(s) JP October 17, 2013
NA September 3, 2013
PAL August 30, 2013
Genre(s) Action, Adventure
Mode(s) Multiplayer (5)
Compatibility PlayablePlayable
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Rayman, named platformer of the year and winner of multiple artistic and musical achievements, is available now on the Wii U with a brand new adventure. Michel Ancel, celebrated creator of Rayman®, Beyond Good & Evil® and the Raving Rabbids® brings his innovative creativity to this new and exciting platform. Rayman Legends makes full use of the power of the Wii U. With the new Wii U™ GamePad, discover new ways to platform with its touch-based gameplay, gyroscope technology, and even the ability to extend your playing experience when the TV is off. Additionally, the power of the machine has helped pave the way for new, more detailed graphics and lighting.

Rayman, Globox, and the Teensies are off wandering through an enchanted forest when they discover a mysterious tent filled with a series of captivating paintings. As they look more closely, they notice each painting seems to tell the story of a mythical world. While focusing on a painting that shows a medieval land, they are suddenly sucked into the painting, entering the world, and the adventure begins. The gang must run, jump and fight their way through each world to save the day and discover the secrets of every legendary painting.

Known Issues

Game waits to connect to a Wii U gamepad and stays at that screen.
As of 1.11.2 it goes in-game but suffer really bad from input lag.


Gameplay Vidoes

Cemu 1.11.2 - GTX 750Ti 2Gb
Cemu 1.8.2b


Version OS Version Region CPU GPU Tester FPS Status Additional Notes
1.8.2b Windows 10 EU Intel Core i5 4670k @ 4.2GHz nVidia GTX 750 Ti 2GB chriztr 60 Loads Stuck at "Connect WiiU Gamepad" screen
Version OS Version Region CPU GPU Tester FPS Status Additional Notes
1.11.2 Windows 10 EU i5 4670k @ 4.2GHz GTX 750 Ti 2GB chriztr 60 Runs Goes in-game but suffers really bad with input lag.
Version OS Version Region CPU GPU Tester FPS Status Additional Notes
1.13.0f Windows 10 USA i5 4460 GTX 770 2GB Alx 60 Runs The input lag continues.
Version OS Version Region CPU GPU Tester FPS Status Additional Notes
1.18.0c Windows 10 EUR Intel i7-7700HQ @ 2.80Ghz NVIDIA GTX 1070 Arnes 60 Playable Runs perfectly in Singleplayer and Multiplayer with unnoticable or no input delay. Some screen tearing and frame jumps in some levels (like Castle Rock). Some Murphy sections require you to connect a motion input source to beat the level. Can't connect to Uplay service.