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Blaster Master

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Blaster Master
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Type Virtual Console
Developer(s) SunSoft
Publisher(s) SunSoft
Release date(s) NES
JP June 17, 1988
NA November, 1988
EU April 25, 1991
Virtual Console
JP May 27, 2015
NA Jul 16, 2015
Input methods Gamepad
Compatibility PlayablePlayable
GameIDs Missing IDs
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Blaster Master features a character named Jason who follows his pet frog Fred down a hole in the earth. There he finds a tank and uses it to battle radioactive mutants. The player controls Jason and the tank SOPHIA THE 3RD through eight levels of gameplay to find the whereabouts of Fred and to defeat the mutants and their leader, the Plutonium Boss. The game was praised for its smooth play control and level designs, detailed and clean graphics, and music, and it was criticized for its high difficulty level and lack of passwords or save points.

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Version OS Version Region CPU GPU Tester FPS Status Additional Notes
2.0 Windows 10 USA AMD Ryzen 5 2600 Six-Core Processor Nvidia GTX 3060ti 8Gb Tester01 60 Playable The Game runs with no issue from what i played. Note: Only Played the first 1 Stage