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Type System Application
Developer(s) Nintendo
Release date(s) JP December 8, 2012
NA November 18, 2012
EU November 30, 2012
Input methods GamePad
Compatibility LoadsLoads
GameIDs Missing IDs
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Miiverse is a social media application originally released on Wii U and preinstalled on all Wii U systems (v. 2.0.0 and above). Miiverse is an application and service that allows Wii U and Nintendo 3DS user to Communicate and share their gaming experiences and questions. The service was later on released on Nintendo 3DS and PC and Mobile via webbrowsers in 2013. The Miiverse service was terminated worldwide on the November 8th 2017.

Known Issues

  • Miiverse crashes immediately after boot.
  • The Miiverse service has been discontinued rendering this application useless


  • To fix the crash on boot, use the system library "nn_olv.rpl" and place it in the cafeLibs folder. This file can be obtained from a Wii U, follow this guide: System RPL Files. However, this library will always connect to Nintendo's Miiverse service, rendering it impossible to use Pretendo's alternative "Juxtaposition" using this system library.

Gameplay Vidoes

VideoService "service" not recognized. OR VideoService "[service]" not recognized.


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