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The Wii U Gamepad is the primary method of input on the Wii U console. It is very non-standard for a controller on a home console, with a 6.2-inch 16:9 LCD touch screen set into the middle. Available inputs include six A/B/X/Y/+Start/-Select face buttons, two clickable joysticks, a directional pad, two shoulder and trigger buttons each, a resistive touch screen, a gyroscope, and a microphone.


All inputs are currently configurable in Cemu's controller settings, including microphone input, which can be bound to a key, with the exception of touchscreen and gyroscope inputs, which are emulated by left or right-clicking and dragging the Gamepad screen, respectively. Second-screen toggle is bound to "tab."

Wii U Controls Default Key Bindings
Example Example
Example Example
Example Example

(Editor's note: Someone down the line should probably make a table with default key bindings vs. input pictures, as well as a full explanation of the Gamepad controller input screen)

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